okay but jessica didn't "leave" she was kicked out of the group without her knowledge, this is something she herself said.
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yeah i know that but there’s also a rumour that she herself left because her+the company had a misunderstanding or w/e about her wanting to get married also.

if this is true or not, im just rather upset about the fact that people are angered by the whole marriage thing, thats all. but you’re right also!!

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if the reason why sica has left is actually bc of marriage then i mean idk why ppl are angry because if wonder girls’ sun could leave, get married and have babies then i dont see why sica can’t. tbh i dont see why ANY idol cant.

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Hi okay yes aaah this is my second follow forever! I just reached 2k followers (tbh a bit more than that since im so late on this ff) and i just want to say thank you so so much! Idek why people follow me all i do is complain and make gifs of got7 hahaha but oh gosh thank you so so much!

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But really, thank you so much im actually so thankful for people who drop by my askbox and send me nice messages once in a while! And im super friendly too, so please don’t hesitate to say hi to me hehe :D

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mmmmmhmm, kangjun…
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This is my first follow forever yaay!!! I just reached 500 followers and you guys just don’t understand how grateful I am. All of you are sooo kind. <3 I really appreciate every note,follower and ask/message I get. :)

Basically because I follow a lot of people these are basically all my mutuals and friends :D

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i was havin a great time until i remembered that i was ugly

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Rescued dogs - before and after! These people who saved them did an amazing job!